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Port Saints clinging onto hope misfiring attack will spark into action

The edge of the cliff is fast approaching for Port Saints in their quest to make the 2022 Coastal Premier League Men’s finals.

One or two more slip-ups over their remaining six games before the end of the season will see them tumble off into the abyss following a 2-0 loss to second-last placed Boambee on Saturday.

“Horrendous, that’s the only comment,” coach Ollie King said of the performance.

“[It’s the] same issue. We can’t score goals.”

Saints possess the second-worst attack in the competition and with two matches against ladder-leaders Coffs United still to come, they have no room to move.

It’s now all-or-nothing or start to rely on other results.

“We’ve got some hard games to go and we’re still a chance to get results, it’s just every week we’re more desperate to get them,” King said.

Their season could just about end on Wednesday evening if they can’t find some goals – and a rare win – on the road to Boambee.

“You could have painted us with the one brush for the whole season because it’s been the same story from the get-go,” King said.

“Decent level of football, doing our best defensively, [it’s] just the final third … a big question mark.”

King, however, felt 12 points from an available 18 would be enough to sneak into sixth spot and prolong their season for another week or two.

“I reckon if we won four of the next six… that will put us thereabouts for sixth spot so it’s one foot in front of the other and see what we can do,” he said.

“When the run comes I’ll be stoked. I’m just hoping it won’t be the last game of the season.”

Saints average just one and a half goals a match in attack which will rarely be a rate that will put a team up in the top echelon of any competition.

And despite searching for the key that will unlock the door to the goals, King remains perplexed why Saints can’t find the back of the net.

“If I knew the reason, we probably wouldn’t be here,” he said.

“It’s a shrug your shoulders and wonder why we’re not scoring (moment) to be honest, so if anybody has the secret ingredient, feel free to hand it over.”

The coach couldn’t fault the effort or desire of his team and still felt they were “putting in” for every game.

“They do want it, the desire is there and it’s just that we’re missing an ingredient somewhere along the line that isn’t clicking,” he said.

“It just hasn’t fallen into place for us this season.”

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