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Morn hat-trick seals the points for Rangers

Alyce Morn banged in a hat-trick as Rangers outlasted Boambee 3-2 on Saturday to claim their second win of the season.

Captain Heidi Tamblyn said it was a satisfying result, but she was most impressed with the three-goal effort of Morn.

“I feel like Alyce has really stepped up for us this year,” she said.

“She’s always been a goalscorer and an essential part of the team since she joined, but her work ethic and her finishing has been tip-top so I’m really impressed with how she’s going this season.

“Three goals on the weekend was definitely well deserved for her as well so I was happy to see that. And to see us win as well.”

Rangers held their nerve in the closing stages of the one-goal win although there were more than a few nervous moments along the way.

Tamblyn acknowledged there was still plenty to work on, but the way the game was played gave a good indicator of what they can do to strengthen their game in future.

“It wasn’t the prettiest football, (but) we still managed to hang on and we ground it out until the final whistle so it was good,” she said.

“We still had frantic moments – especially towards the end – so there’s things we need to lock down, but it just means going forward I know we can play good football even on a scrappy, dodgy surface.”

Rangers continue to improve every week after a difficult start to the season.

“I think a win like this at this stage means the things we are working on [at training] are showing on the weekend and it means we know what we need to do to get a win.”

They just need to be a bit more solid in defence.

“If we can tidy up things on the back end and make sure that when we are ahead, we’re staying solid defensively as well,” Tamblyn said.

“I think if we can do that the season is looking pretty good.”

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