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Port United Uncovered

Port United are about to embark on a busy schedule that will see them try to squeeze a number of catch-up games in mid-week.

It could make or break their campaign as they currently sit in seventh position on the ladder, but are only eight points adrift of second spot.

“All of a sudden it’ll be whack, whack, whack. The match fitness won’t be there, but it will be there in a couple of weeks that’s for sure,” coach Adam Bruest said.

United were scheduled to play one of their catch-up fixtures on Tuesday night against Southern United only to be told the rescheduled fixture had to be postponed.

Bruest admitted the motivation levels for his team had taken a hit in recent weeks as a result of the Big Wet.

“It’s getting hard because the boys were up for a full game on Tuesday night so we played a game of first vs reserves,” he said.

“It was a good hitout because we had everyone there and at least it’s something.”

United’s best opportunity to get their feet moving has come on previous Tuesday night’s when they have been getting accustomed to the synthetic fields at the hockey complex in Port Macquarie.

“If fields are closed you can only do a road run so we do what we can when we can,” the coach said.

“Everyone’s keen for a game on Saturday and were again [on Tuesday night] so to be told there’s no game again, it’s just disheartening.

“It’s very hard to keep them motivated as a coach because you keep building them up and then letting them down again.”

They will be without suspended captain Eli Wade at the weekend after he picked up a red card in a 3-1 defeat to Macleay Valley on May 10.

“It’s the longest suspension ever for one game,” Bruest said.

“He just needs to serve one game out so I can get him back on the paddock and it’s just not happening.”

On Saturday United will host a Northern Storm outfit that have signed former United midfielder Jarrod Kohler.

“There’s a bit of friendly rivalry there, that’s for sure.”

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