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Rangers look to make amends in Coastal League One Women’s clash

Macleay Valley Rangers coach Heidi Tamblyn admits she got a few things wrong in their 6-0 defeat at the hands of Urunga last week.

But she’s the first to admit their Coastal League One Women’s campaign is a learning curve for everyone at the club and as a coach you don’t always get things right.

“Some organisational things and tactical things on my part didn’t work so I need to re-evaluate the formations we play,” she said.

“There were some things we’ve done successfully in the past that I put into part of our formation for the weekend, but Urunga is a different side.

“You don’t always get things right and that’s fine, that’s football. I don’t think ultimately it was a 6-0 game, but you’ve got to cop it on the chin and there are plenty of things we can work on.

“The score doesn’t reflect the performance I don’t think, but it’s just a score. I’m focused more on the performance than the result.”

Tamblyn admitted the continued wet weather had been a constant source of frustration.

“The training factor has been a big issue because there are things we just haven’t been able to work on yet because we haven’t been able to get many training sessions together,” she said.

“The organisation [of game plans] tends to be a lot harder to achieve when you’re doing it on the fly on a weekend.”

Rangers will have a chance to atone for last weekend’s defeat when they host Sawtell at Rangers Park on Saturday.

“Coming into this weekend we’ve taken a lot of those learning opportunities from last week and this weekend hopefully should be a very different result,” Tamblyn said.

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