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Rangers gallant in defeat as half-time change of tactics works

For 45 minutes a change in formation appeared to have the desired result for Macleay Valley Rangers despite a 2-1 Coastal League One Women’s loss to Coffs City on Saturday.

Rangers trailed the Lionesses 2-0 at the break which saw captain Heidi Tamblyn make a few necessary adjustments.

They had been outclassed in the opening 45 minutes, but the second half was much better from the home side.

Soon after the resumption, the skipper found the back of the net as Rangers surged home.

Unfortunately they couldn’t find an equaliser despite a handful of gilt-edged opportunities.

“I was really impressed with how we turned it around,” Tamblyn said.

“When you go a couple [of goals] down in the first half you can throw your hands up and say that’s the day, but we didn’t do that.

“We rallied in the second half which I was really happy to see.”

Macleay Valley are still looking for their first win of the CLO Women’s competition, but Tamblyn isn’t pressing any panic buttons just yet.

She knows the improvement will continue.

“We’re still in that building phase where we’ve had such a rough start to the season and we’ve got a bunch of new players so to see them in a different formation was really good,” she said.

“In terms of building and growing, I think I’m really happy with how we’re starting to play.

“That part’s coming along well and going forward I’d like to see some wins on the board to reflect that growth and competitiveness coming in.”

Rangers’ ability to adapt on the run will add another string to their bow as the season progresses.

They just don’t want to do it all the time.

“It’s always important to be able to be adaptable so having a couple of formations under your belt is usually a handy tool to have,” Tamblyn said.

“Now that we have had a crack at a different formation, it might be something we look at doing in future.

“But other teams might change for us too.”

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