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Sawtell FC CPL 2022 Preview

Sawtell are primed to surprise a lot of people if you believe the confidence coming from coach Joe Skrtic.
While the Scorpions haven’t been involved in any pre-season predictions regarding finals appearances, the gaffer is happy for that to remain the case.
Sawtell only won a handful of games in 2021, but the coach is more than happy to fly under the radar.
“We’re up for the challenge and we want to show the rest of the teams that we have improved,” he said.
“We want to prove to not just ourselves but to other teams we are capable of beating anyone on our day.
“Our motivation is to show we can play brilliant football and win games at the same time.”
Inexperience cost Skrtic’s side on a number of occasions in 2021 and he remains confident the disappointment that his players felt would spur them on this campaign.
They’re 12 months older and will have 12 months more experience in a top-level competition.
“It was those key moments that let us down in certain aspects of the game and hopefully we will have learned from that,” the coach said.
“Younger players can sometimes lose concentration or just don’t know when to read key moments in games.”
They were a long way off the pace in 2021 and Skrtic knows it will take a significant turnaround of fortunes.
But he thinks it can happen.
“Sometimes you need a little bit of luck in football and if that bit of luck goes your way it can change the whole perspective at the end of the season,” he said.
“I said to the players this year that I want them to enjoy their football and if you’re enjoying your football, you’ll build your confidence and if you’re enjoying your football you’ll do well.”

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