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Coffs City United 2022 CPL Preview

The secret ingredients to Coffs City’s sustained success.

If you ever wondered how Glen Williams manages to keep Coffs City United performing at a consistent level every year, you now don’t need to bother.

The secret ingredients are quite simple – alcohol, a love of the club, a supportive wife and a playing group who are always looking to get better.

“I drink plenty of beer because it can sometimes be like an adult creche – a babysitting service,” he laughed.

“I did have a year off and my wife said to me at the end of it ‘just go back and coach next year will you, I’m sick of this’.”

So return to football he did.

“I really enjoy the camaraderie; I played for the club since I was five so it’s part of my bloodline and I enjoy being around the guys.”

As the Lions prepare for another Coastal Premier League title tilt in 2022 Williams admitted the players’ motivation levels kept him motivated.

“If I had to drag them (to training) every week and drag them to be motivated it would be really difficult,” he said.

“By the time the season comes around and we’ve been training for three or four weeks the motivation has come back. I rarely have to motivate them because they want to be the best they can.”

Their record of 20 wins from 27 matches in a season and a half of the CPL – which has been COVID-affected – speaks volumes for what the Lions do.

And while a championship has so far evaded Coffs City since the competition kicked off in 2020, Williams places finishing first past the post after the regular season on a higher pedestal.

But they’re still pushing for more silverware.

“We want to do a three-peat of minor premierships because I think that trophy is an earned trophy,” Williams said.

“I’m not saying a grand final is not, but if you’re the best team consistently throughout the year, that’s a huge award. We’re under no illusions and it’s going to be tough (this season) with a couple of new teams we haven’t seen before.

“The goal for us is definitely to be minor premiers and then hopefully win a grand final.”

Should they win a grand final, Glen Williams will be the first one at the bar.

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