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Saints and Lions One Win from Last 64 in the Cup

Coffs City United are one win away from progressing to the round of 64 for the third time in the nation-wide Australia Cup.

The Lions have cruised through their opening two games of the competition, scoring 15 goals in the process while conceding just one.

Coach Glenn Williams, however, knows they will face a tougher test when they host Port Saints in Coffs Harbour next Thursday night.

“Port Saints were on the improve last year generally during the season, so it’ll be a tough game and in Cup games … anything can happen,” he said.

Coffs City kept Port Macquarie-based Iona FC scoreless during a 9-0 win last weekend and the week before that they only conceded one in a 6-1 win over Richmond Rovers.

But Williams said there hadn’t been a specific focus on defence.

“It’s probably more just about our process where if we lose possession what do we do and how do we try to get everyone back to fight together (defensively),” Williams said.

“We haven’t specifically tuned up our defence.”

Saints have only scored two goals compared to the Lions’ 15 in their two Cup ties so far, but coach Oliver King is happy for their 1-0 successes to continue.

“I’d take any win – it doesn’t matter what it looks like, (just ask) Jose Mourinho … I don’t care how ugly it is, a win’s a win,” he said.

The luck of the draw has evaded the Port Macquarie side in the competition so far where they will travel for the third-straight week.

“It is what it is with the Australia Cup,” King said.

“It’s the downside of being in an area that’s quite spread out so you do have to travel in the early rounds. It’s the luck of the draw really.

“We try to make the best of it and most of the guys are used to travelling, not that they don’t complain about it mind you.”

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