Underdog status: Port United looking to cause CPL semi-final boilover

While doubt remains whether the Coastal Premier League semi-final series will reach a conclusion, Port United coach Nathan Wade feels his men are capable of causing a boilover.

The Port Macquarie side are drawn to face minor premiers Coffs City United for a berth in the CPL grand final, but both teams have been marking time since August.

It’s a situation that arguably suits the ‘Green Bloods’ better.

“Every side would like to play and have fitness and limit injuries going into any big game but I have said before it’s possible to beat Coffs once, but not twice so in that respect it suits us more than a two-leg semi-final,” Wade said.

“Anything can happen on the day.”

While Wade has encouraged his players to do some sort of exercise program so they’re not out of shape when or if the competition resumes, he admitted that was an unknown.

“I’ve said they should try and keep up their fitness, but whether anyone is doing that … probably not knowing my players,” he said.

“We’ll just have to wing it when we get there and that’s a bad thing for us. All the Coffs sides have been sending out special programs and that’s good for them, but there’s still a good chance we won’t play anyway so won’t get too carried away.”

The United coach also hinted at a possible Friday-Sunday semi-final series as a solution to complete the season in the quickest possible fashion.

He acknowledged it wouldn’t be ideal, but would provide the quickest way to crowning a champion.

“I understand they want to get a conclusion to the season and the end goal for the coastal league is a winner this year,” he said.

“So maybe we need to squeeze it into a Friday and then Sunday which is probably not fair for anybody, but it’s just the way it is.”

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