News Release: Change to CPL finals series

The Coastal Premier League (CPL) will change its finals series in response to an impact of the pandemic in New South Wales.

The competition was due to conclude on 14 August 2021 and be followed by a week’s break and then a three-week finals series, culminating in the grand final in Coffs Harbour on 11 September 2021.

The competition will now conclude on 28 August 2021 and be followed by a two-week finals series, with the grand final remaining on 11 September 2021.

The lockdown in Newcastle and Hunter Valley forced the postponement of two matches last weekend.

This weekend is the scheduled final round of the CPL competition (Round 18). However, catch up matches are scheduled for the following weekend and the weekend after that.

The following matches will occur on 21 and 28 August 2021:

  • 21/8: Port United and Boambee (R1)
  • 21/8: Coffs United and Port Saints (R1)
  • 28/8: Port United and Northern Storm (R13)
  • 28/8: Sawtell v Port Saints (R17)
  • 28/8: Boambee v Taree (R17)

At present, two teams are guaranteed to make the finals, and four teams are in contention for the remaining two positions. Goal difference may prove critical.

For the finals, the first-placed team is at home to the fourth-placed team, and the second-placed team is at home to the third-placed team. The winner of each match will play in the grand final.

At this stage Coffs Coast Tigers, MV Rangers and Kempsey Saints conclude their regular season on 14 August 2021.

The table has it stands is here:

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