Sawtell focussed on strong foundations

2021 has been a testing season for Sawtell in the Coastal Premier League – but the club remain upbeat about the future and staunch on their vision.
“It’s been a hard season for the team and the coach, but it’s a brand new team and it’s a young team,” club president Simon Portus said.
With a swag of talented youth coming into their ranks, consistency and the challenge of concentrating for the full 90-minutes has cost them – but the lessons are all going into the collective memory bank.
“We’ve got quality players and they’ll continue to develop – you’ll see that in the next few years,” Simon said.
“But we’re under no delusion as to how much work it will take.
“The players remain positive, and are gelling and aware of being a part in the process.”
Simon noted the scoreboard performance can go up or south for any club from one season to the next.
“Two new players coming in, or the loss of a couple of key players, can change a team,” he said.
Setting the whole-of-club foundation is a bigger picture for Sawtell, and a key focus.
“We want everyone to be happy in the club and enjoying their sport,” Simon said.
An offshoot of the club-first mindset saw Sawtell named Club of the Year in the State Female Football Week Awards.
“We were really, really happy with that. A lot of work has gone into that – from the whole committee, the people behind the scenes, everyone in the club,” Simon said.
“It’s been a long process but we want to create a club where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.”

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