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Northern Storm front gathering

The Coastal Premier League ladder tells a story, in a raw numerical sense – and then there’s that famous quote of “lies, damned lies and statistics”.
Northern Storm are currently sitting 7th, and for an openly aspirational club, that might be cause for teeth gnashing.
Yet it couldn’t be further from the truth, according to Storm coach Eric McCarthy – who understands that ‘noise’ outside of a club can be cheese to the chalk of the chatter within.
“I think we’re in a perfect spot. You can see who’s who on the table and the pecking order are starting to establish themselves,” Eric said.
After an early season draw more ornery than a junkyard dog against the heavyweights, Storm are poised to present their own 2021 credentials.
“The team we fielded against Rangers at the weekend had seven different players from when we played them last year,” Eric said.
“And I believe we should have beaten Boambee, and Port Saints, and I’d even say Coffs United.”
Eric quipped the coming month of matches for Storm would see a “scramble between the perennial underachievers”.
Asked if player churn was the biggest single mountain for the Storm in 2021, he said: “Our biggest challenge is to get them to gel.
“We lost some young, inexperienced players at the end of last season, and picked up some experienced players. They are quality players, and quality players can play with other quality players.”

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