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Field of dreams for Coffs Coast Tigers teens

To the untrained eye, it can be mind blowing trying to tell who is who when identical twins Marcus and Jacob Field suit up for Coffs Tigers in the Coastal Premier League.
But in game style and outside of football, the prodigously talented 16-year-olds have of course their own identity.
The one time when they meld as one, according to father, Connel, is at home.
“Around the house they are typical teenage boys and dad doesn’t know anything,” he joked.
On field, though, it’s a picture of quality and determination – what you would hope for but can never bank on with youngsters who have had a first class football education.
Jacob and Marcus have been on the ball since the age of 5 at the Tigers – linking with the SAP program as 10-year-olds, and then into NPL as foundation members of the North Coast’s first Under 13s outfit.
North Coast went on to win the title that year – and added two more premierships, earning the side the mantle of the Golden Generation.
In 2020, in their final year of NPL as the Under 16s, Marcus and Jacob along with two other lads from that side, were invited to trial with A League franchise Melbourne City.
“They spent a week down there and saw the facilities and the coaching and realised they were as good as anyone else. What was an eye-opener for them though was the commitment – the amount of training the others do,” Connel said.
With their NPL journey at an end, Jacob and Marcus returned to their childhood club, Coffs Coast, where coach Luke Stow has had no hesitation in providing opportunity for young legs.
“The other week against Rangers there were six Under 16s in the team,” Connel said.
While Marcus and Jacob are both centre/mids – they have unique strengths and areas for development.
“They are very different in many ways – Marcus is more defensive and loves the tackling while Jacob is a bit more creative and has more of an attacking mindset,” Connel said.
One thing’s for sure, it’s a Yin and Yang class act which will delight fans as the lads continue to develop.

Image: Jacob and Marcus Field

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