Kempsey Saints – Cedric Blödorn

The news that Cedric Blödorn is in the process of applying to become a permanent Australian resident will be music to the ears of Kempsey Saints.

Fresh from a brace in Saints’ 6-0 win over Sawtell on Saturday, the 23-year-old is hopeful of being around the Macleay for a while yet.

In 2015 he travelled from Europe as part of an exchange program after some gentle encouragement from older sister Monja.

She had recently returned from a similar type of exchange visit down under.

“Monja came here and only said good things when she came home so I decided that’s what I wanted to do,” Blödorn said.

During his exchange visit in 2015 he met girlfriend Maddison with the duo in the same year at Kempsey High School.

The duo lived together in Germany for six months in 2015 which allowed Blödorn to finish his high school years.

They returned to Australia in 2017, but it has taken until now to try and finalise their residency.

“We’re now in the process of applying to see if I can become a permanent resident,” he said.

“She was the reason I came back (in 2017).”

Growing up in Kaltenkirchen – a short 40-minute drive north of Hamburg – meant Blödorn had limited choice of what sport to play as a young kid.

It was one that involved a round ball or nothing.

“Football is the only sport anyone plays over there … in Germany you don’t really get a choice,” he said.

“Whenever you’re young, your parents put you into a soccer team and unlike here we don’t have a season because we play it all year round.

“I haven’t tried any other sports though so I wouldn’t know what they’re like, but I loved football ever since I first played.”

He said the welcoming nature of Kempsey Saints meant it was an easy club to settle into.

“There are great people at the club,” he said.

“The way everyone engaged with me and welcomed me right away is what I remember the most about when I first came over (to Australia).

“There is a really good family feel. Everyone knows everyone.”

Macleay Valley Argus: Cedric Blodorn

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