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LUKE Stow hopes he can bring a change of attitude to Coffs Coast Tigers

Preparing to coach them in the 2021 Coastal Premier League, Stow has noticed a number of things which need to change.

Having played at the club since the age of 18, he knows what he’s talking about and now the challenge he faces is to change some habits.

“I wasn’t coach (last year) but I learned our attitude and the way we approach the game needs to improve,” he said.

“I put it down to the attitudes of some of the players and how they weren’t committed but I think they are changing that now and realise if they put the effort in they get the results.”

Stow admitted there was a sense of selfishness amongst some of the players and the way the team played last season.

“They wanted to be individuals and thought they could win the game by themselves, but now they’re learning to work as a team,” he said.

“From my point of view as coach, the biggest challenge is they’re all individual players which can be difficult to manage.

“When you try to deal with players as a team, some people react differently.”

The Tigers had a disappointing 2020 campaign and Stow knows in order for them to scale the mountain and climb alongside Coffs United and Boambee at the summit they will need to work hard.

It’s why he isn’t setting the bar too high.

“Probably for us to make semi-finals would be a good start,” he said.

“Every team wants to win grand finals, but from where we’ve come to where we need to get to requires some dedication.”

The coach did, however, have confidence his team’s best would cause plenty of headaches for many opponents.

“If we play our own game plan and style – and do it right – we should be good enough to beat any team,” he said.

They won’t worry too much about who is on the other side of halfway.

“I’m not a believer in changing your own style or adapting to a team you’re playing because when you do, you relinquish the way you want to play.”

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