South Conference Grand Final: Southern conference title on the line as Rangers host United

Port United know Macleay Valley Rangers don’t have any weaknesses, they just have to make sure they play to the best of their ability.

United will have another chance to end a premiership drought spanning two decades when they head to Kempsey for the Coastal Premier League southern conference grand final.

Coach Nathan Wade is happy to accept the underdog tag after being defeated in both matches between the two sides this season.

But he also knows what his own side are capable of.

“On our day our side is just as good as theirs and hopefully it’s just one of those days,” he said.

The Port Macquarie side started slow in the last encounter where no sooner had they kicked off, they found themselves a goal down.

“Don’t let them score in the first 30 seconds,” Wade said when asked what the key to success was.

“After that we were 1-1, but because they have such a skillful side this season we can’t give them any room.”

United will need to close the highly-fancied Rangers midfield down and limit their time with the ball.

“I don’t know if it was just luck on the day, but a lot of their shots last time we played them we had three or four defenders behind the ball.”

Not only will they have to overcome one of the stronger clubs on the Mid North Coast, United will also have to take the crowd out of the equation.

“They’ll be quite tough on their home field,” Wade said.

“I always enjoyed playing up there because the crowd used to give it to you and it used to lift you for the game because you knew you were playing a semi-final type match every time you go there.

“You don’t need any more motivation to play.”

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