Privilege and a pleasure – Port Saints

When a team’s going gangbusters the players invariably get the kudos; when it’s going busteds, the coach is more often than not eyeing the gallows.

Not so at Port Saints Football Club – where the top team players are going great, and the coach, Darrell Pascoe, is basically in awe of what they’ve achieved.

Just in his second year at the wheel, Darrell reflects on a remarkable journey: “Not that long ago we were pretty close to relegation and last year both grades made the finals for the first time in the club’s history,” he said.

The accomplishment this year has been even more impressive.

“I’m stoked with the team overall,” Darrell said.

“It’s been wonderful. The boys have just jelled.”

The on again, off again, on again, rejigged again season brought about by COVID had been testing for all clubs, he said.

“It’s been a case of remotivating everyone when things have changed,” Darrell said.

“And the way they’ve responded makes it all the more pleasing.

“We’ve got a pretty young team and I feel especially for our boys who are in Year 12 – on top of everything they’re trying to negotiate toward their HSC.

“I take my hat off to the guys. I am amazed by their achievements off the field as much as by what they’ve done on the field.

“I’m pretty lucky to be involved with this group of boys at this point in time. It’s been a privilege.

“If I look back over the season, I just go ‘wow’.”

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