Lions mane man likes what’s cooking

Coffs City United put on a masterclass at Ayrshire Park on Saturday – as they sliced, diced and generally did ‘a job’ on heavyweights Boambee.

The top of the table Coastal Premier League men’s North Conference clash was eagerly awaited, and didn’t disappoint as two quality outfits went to work.

The Lions’ Glen Williams has been around the clipboard for a decade, but concedes the truth in the cliche that you can’t ‘coach’ speed.

For it was the fleet of pace down the flanks – Jemilia Oko on the left and Caleb Lokpo on the right – which caught the Bombers in a pincer of pain.

“They are insanely fast, and strong,” Glen said.

“We were very pleased to take the points – it’s been seven games and two-and-a-half years since we’ve done that (against Boambee), and there’s room to improve on what we showed.”

Glen said he had taken some delight in the performance of 17-year-old Maki Roomans on debut in the top flight

While it’s been a champagne season so far for Coffs U, the coach is determined to keep the cork in the magnum.

“Complacency – it’s a fear. But we’ll just go back to training and go hard. The boys have been enjoying training this year and it’s showing in the games,” Glen said.

The Lions reserves are also frothing along – putting the club in a very good space.
Glen noted there’s a time and a place for flash Harry football.

“We try not to be one-dimensional in our style. We all love to see that high speed game to please the crowd, but there’s times when you can’t be the prettiest because at the end of the day you’re there to take the points,” he said.

While the coach insists the current squad are not the finished product, the Lions boast a potent cocktail of age, strength and pace.

“We have a good balance across the pitch – and it was just starting to click toward the end of the CPL and now into the new season (North Conference),” he said.   

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