Nod and a Winx, Boambee FC gathers steam for home run

Nod and a Winx, Boambee FC gathers steam for home run

SOME said the dynasty was done, more wishfully than logically, but those in the Boambee inner sanctum aren’t biting, nor flinching.

The North Coast Football powerhouse club of recent seasons have every reason to believe they can again taste success – albeit in a year where there may well have been no local action at all.

Bombers first grade coach Jon Fergusson, as a working medical general practitioner, is as well placed as any to reflect on a competition probed by pandemic.

“Obviously we’re all experiencing a very different year. It’s (COVID-19) been a threat without reality for the Mid North Coast, as we only had a small amount of infection back in April-May – mind you, the threat is ever present,” Dr Jon said.

“In early May I didn’t think we’d see any football this year, so for the competition to get started is really pleasing. At least the guys are getting in a football season, and a full one at that.”

This is Jon’s second year at the helm of the top team – and they marched into 2020 with a big target on their backs after winning the minor and major premierships in 2018 and ’19.

A wobbly start gave other clubs a sniff.

“We were not playing well in the first two or three rounds of the CPL, but then by the time of the second round we were only one point from first and in a position where we could potentially win,” Jon said.

Nek minnit, the State Government changed the rules, bringing the CPL to an abrupt halt – with the elite clubs now split into southern and northern conferences and a competition anew.

After getting tangled in the barriers, Jon is upbeat that Boambee could come charging home like the champion racehorse Winx.

“We’ve been getting better every week and it’s terrific to be part of a motivated footballing group,” he said.

And he’s pleased to help guide internal renewal.

“You’ve got the younger players coming through and at first they’re a bit stand-offish wondering if they’re up to it, and even in their first game they can be unsure … but after half-an-hour they’re just playing football,” Jon said.

Boambee’s crown might have tilted just a smidge when they went all-but in the CPL – but they remain the big boys on the block and will take a power of stopping in NCF senior football 2.0.

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